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Bainbridge Eye Care

Optometry located in Bronx, NY

Bainbridge Eye Care, located in the Norwood neighborhood of the Bronx in New York City, is a state-of-the-art optometry practice. Dedicated to providing comprehensive and convenient eye care, Bainbridge Eye Care has an on-site lab to make your new eyeglasses. This means you get your new glasses sooner. To schedule an eye exam and take advantage of the on-site lab, call the office or request an appointment online today.

On-Site Lab Q & A

What is an on-site lab?

Bainbridge Eye Care provides comprehensive optometry services. This includes an on-site lab that creates your prescription glasses. 

With the on-site lab, you can get your eye exam and prescription eyeglasses without having to make another stop or waiting a long time for your new glasses to be ready. 

Bainbridge Eye Care has an array of lenses and frames to choose from. Then, they use the most advanced tools and technology to quickly make your new glasses. 

What are the benefits of an on-site lab?

The on-site lab at Bainbridge Eye Care offers many benefits. In addition to helping you get your new glasses a lot sooner, the practice can also make adjustments to your glasses on-the-spot. This ensures you get the best vision and the right fit immediately.

Bainbridge Eye Care also offers comprehensive eye exams. The experienced providers use the most up-to-date tools when measuring your vision and assessing your eye health. With these tools, your provider accurately determines your eyeglass prescription needs.

Your optometrist at Bainbridge Eye Care also educates you about your lens options, including the types of materials available to make your lenses and your lens coating choices. 

The full-service optometry practice provides all the information and tools you need to select the eyeglasses that fit your vision needs and lifestyle. And with their on-site lab, you can have your new eyeglasses right away.  

How can I get glasses from the on-site lab?

After your comprehensive eye exam with one of the optometrists at Bainbridge Eye Care, you can share your prescription with the technicians at the on-site lab. Then, they make your glasses.

You may also get glasses from the on-site lab if you have a prescription from another eye doctor who doesn’t have an on-site lab or you need a second pair. The practice also welcomes individuals who may have broken their glasses and need a new pair quickly. 

How long does it take for the on-site lab to make my glasses?

The on-site lab technicians give you a timeframe to get your new glasses. When possible, they try to have your glasses ready the same day. 

However, if you need special lenses or frames that they need to order in for you, it may take more time for the on-site lab to get your glasses ready. 

To learn more about the on-site lab at Bainbridge Eye Care, call the office or request information online today.